NYOS Charter School Incident Update

NYOS Charter School
Incident Update
September 16, 2019
As an update to the document shared on Sunday, campus administrators were able to confirm more information this morning. 
  • The original group chat screenshot contained language about a student threatening staff and students with a gun. We have verified that an originator of the group chat made up the language about a threat to bring a gun to school. That specific threat was not made.
  • We are pursuing disciplinary action for the student who made up that language.     
  • Independent of the investigation, the student originally in question is not going to be returning to NYOS. 
  • We held assemblies with high school students this morning. The students were serious, asked critical questions and offered ideas for solutions. Mrs. Berkenhoff addressed elementary students at the Lamar campus in a morning assembly as well. An assembly with middle school students will be held this afternoon.  Some suggestions from the assemblies included:
    • Communicating directly to students in addition to posting via NYOS Notes, website and NYOS Facebook page 
    • Changing the outside door lock/unlock schedule for Wednesdays to better correspond with class schedules on that day of the week (Note: This schedule was changed immediately after the assembly.)
  • The Austin Police Department has not sent police to the Lamar campus despite multiple assurances to us. We believe that police presence provides a welcome sense of security at times and we continue to press for them to come. 
We thank students, staff, and families for proactively and positively sharing ideas and challenges. The willingness to communicate openly and share with us assists NYOS in our everyday pursuit of safe campus environments.
Kathleen Zimmermann
Executive Director
NYOS Charter School