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Repeat of DC trip info for those that lost it

Hi Parents of Middle Schoolers!  I’m emailing the link of the video that I showed at last week’s parent meeting.   https://vimeo.com/180642488



Most of the information is in the invitation that got sent last week but it does highlight fundraising and scholarship opportunities.  (If your child didn’t bring home the invitation to you, I’ve attached a digital copy). 


I really hope this is something that your kiddoes can do!  Let me know if there is any way I can help make it happen!


I’m really sorry if you keep getting repeat emails from me.  It seems that only some of the email addresses are going through and I resent it in the hopes that it reached all interested parties before the discount in registration ends on

DC questions answered, part two

1. If a family of four shares a hotel room, do adults get discounted rates for chaperones since there will be quadruple occupancy, not double?            The adult price for quad room is the same as the students’.

2. Will there be a scooter that can be used for a person that has trouble walking? If any motorized device is needed by a participant, they have to make arrangements for this ahead time or bring their own. We do not provide this.


DC Field Trip information

Hi Parents,

We had a great meeting last night about the Washington, DC  trip.  I wanted to reiterate a couple important items from the meeting:

Most importantly, don’t forget to sign up for the trip. The deadline to sign up is 5/25/17; and you pay only a $49 deposit to sign up!  Use Trip ID 150056 to sign up through one of the easy ways below:

-          Online at worldstrides.com/signup

-          By phone at 800-468-5899

-          By mail by completing the registration form included in your student invitation

There are many great options to help you pay for your trip.  Check these out:

-          Gift of Education Fundraising program which includes E-Cards and shareable Facebook Links

-          FLAG financial assistance where over $2 million in assistance is given out each year to qualifying families

-          Payment plans may also be available.  Call WorldStrides Customer Service to learn more

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I look forward to leading a fun and educational program for your child!

All the best,

Amber Lovas

DC questions answered

  1. How late can chaperones/students register?

They have until 3/20/18 but they would have to pay in full on that date. If they register after May 23,17 the will lose the $49 registration fee it will go up to $99 and the they will lose the $120 discount.


  1. Any method/strategy for taking care of medications?                        We have an on sight coordinator who can handle medications. They are at the hotel with you the entire time, or the teacher can handle medications for your students.



 3. What kind of documentation do kids need to travel? Only individuals over 18 need a state issued ID. Anyone under 18 doesn’t need anything.



  1. Are there family rates for families of four?  No the rates are for individuals.  

How to sign up for NYOS Newsletter

Instructions on signing up for the NYOS Newsletter:


  • Go the NYOS.org website
  • On the middle of the homepage, third column, select sign up for the NYOS Newsletter
  • Enter your email address
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  • Sign up completed

NYOS Notes

Good afternoon,  

It has been brought to our attention that some families are not receiving the school-wide NYOS Notes emails. NYOS Notes is used to communicate school-wide announcements each week as well as other announcements as needed. If you are not currently receiving these emails and want to be added to NYOS Notes, please email me at alovas@nyos.org .

 Thanks so much for your communication!


NYOS notes


The Austin Police Department investigated the suspicious phone call received this afternoon at the NYOS Lamar campus. They characterized the phone call as harassment but not a specific threat.  We appreciate the patience and cooperation among all NYOS community members during the shelter-in-place and dismissal procedure.  Classes will resume tomorrow as usual.