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Have a great summer!  See below for files and links for the Summer Olympics!  Students came home with their personal supply lists.  I scanned them in case they lost theirs, so email me if you need another copy! 

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Spirit Night at Chipotle

NYOS Spirit Night
Wednesday, November 9th
4-9 p.m. 
Chipotle at Scofield & Parmer (in retail center with Hana World Market)

Week of August 10-14

  We are off to a great start!  These past two weeks, students have been getting to know each other, participating in teambuilding activities, establishing expectations, and learning the procedures for the new campus.  As we dive into our content and curriculum, homework will begin to increase in length and difficulty.  Please encourage your student to be responsible in recording the day’s learning and homework in their agenda. 

This week:

Math-I can represent the value of the digit in whole numbers through 1,000,000 and decimals to the hundredths using expanded notation and numerals. We will continue working with whole numbers up to one billion.  Students will be writing the numbers in words and expanded form (using ‘pizza’).  We will introduce tenths and hundredths this week and begin our study of decimals.

Reading-I can identify the genres that I read and keep track of them so that I am a well-rounded reader.  This week we will continue to learn the procedures for reading workshop.  I will pull students for reading testing so that we may begin our guided reading groups within the next few weeks.  Your student should be reading at home, nightly. 

Writing-I can use and understand the functions of parts of speech.  This week we will be focusing on subjects and predicates.  We will move towards identifying nouns and verbs.  We will be using games, sorting activities, songs, and mentor texts to practice this skill.  Students will learn about and begin using writing workshop. 

Science-I can describe how the energy flows through food webs, beginning with the sun, and predict how changes in the ecosystem affect the food web.  This week we will start actual science (moving beyond the important skills of safety and tools), beginning with food webs and energy flow. 

Social Studies- Introduction to where we are in the World.  Before we begin Texas history, we will start with a brief introduction of where we are in relation to the World.  Students will learn continents, oceans, and be able to identify their hemisphere, continent, country, state, and city. 


August 10th- Parent Information Night.  6 p.m. in Lamar cafeteria.  Information about Outdoor School and fourth grade.

August 14th –Specials for today: PE


The bus will not be running tomorrow for either the morning run to Lamar or the afternoon run from Lamar.  Please make sure to make other arrangements! 

Outdoor School

Please make sure to check your email, as I have emailed out detailed updates.  We will continue to monitor the weather, but so far so good!  Please send in a plain, white t-shirt or $2 for our tie dye t-shirts as soon as possible.  We would like to make them tomorrow.  I will be picking up t-shirts today after school for those students who have told me they need them. 

Have a great break!

Have a great break!  I have emailed (and uploaded to the website) the fall break assignment and book share projects.  School starts back on October 14th.  Have a great break!