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Welcome to the NYOS Elementary Library!

Welcome to the 2015/2016 school year! This year we have some great things in store for the Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade here at Kramer!

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will be working on the parts of a books and what makes up a story!

We will be working on an author study for the first month. Mo Willems is the creator of Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie, and so many more characters. We will be discussing how to come up with characters and how to write a story.

How to pick a Just Right Books!
In the library we try to encourage your Student to pick a Just Right Book. You will hear your Sudent's teacher talk about the students' DRA Levels. This is their Developmental Reading Level. See a link below to help explain in further detail.

We try to match your student with a just right book so that they are not struggling to read but, at the same time, pushing themsleves just enought to help them grow and feel comfortable reading.

1. Look at the cover.
2. Read the title and the
3. Read the blurb in the
4. Flip through the book.
5. Read the first page.
6. Use the 5 Finger Rule.
0-1 Fingers—Too Easy
2-3 Fingers—Just Right
4-5 Fingers—Too Hard

Please feel free to stop by and visit me or the library any time!

NYOS Elementary Birthday Book Club

Did you know that NYOS has a Birthday Book Club? Well, we do!! The BBC is great way honor your student on their birthday while helping to build our NYOS Library collection, as well!

How does the BBC work? It's simple!

Fill out the BBC form available at the front desk or in the library and return the form to your child's teacher with a payment by cash or check of $15 per book.
 When your child's birthday arrives they will be invited to select a book from our "Birthday Book Club" shelves. Please feel free to come to the library together with your child if you would like to help with the selection.
 We will place a bookplate in the front cover of your child’s ‘birthday book’ in honor of your child’s special day and gift to the library.
 The book will be presented to BBC students during Friday Sing and we will all sing “Happy Birthday” together in their honor. We encourage all parents to join us! 
 When your child receives the BBC selection they will be the very first NYOS student to checkout this book!! After they have enjoyed the book for a week they will return the book to the library for all NYOS students to enjoy!

What about missed birthday’s and summer birthdays? For students whose birthdays fall during school breaks we encourage you to consider celebrating their "half birthday." For example: A student with a July 15th birthday can select their Birthday Book January 15th or we can work together to choose another alternate date. We ask that you include your student’s actual birth date on this form so that we can recognize them for their special day, as well.
If you have any questions please call Lisa Boone at 275-1593 x 306 or email at lboone@nyos.org.

4th and Fifth Grade Spring Bluebonnet Book Club

For those parents who aren’t already familiar with the Texas Bluebonnet Award Reading Program, it is a voluntary reading program run by the Texas Library Association for fourth and fifth graders across the state of Texas. Each year the Bluebonnet Award is given to the author of one of the books from the current year’s reading list. Students all over our state cast their vote in late January for the book that was their favorite. Ultimately, we want all fourth and fifth grade students here at NYOS to be able to vote for this award. Eligibility to vote is granted when a student reads, or listens to, at least five of the twenty books from the list. I will have the books for them to check out at the meetings.
At our weekly club meetings, we will gather in Mrs. Gamble’s room in the 4th/5th grade portables, and I will read aloud to the students from a book that is on the 2011 Texas Bluebonnet Award reading list. I hope that we can get through several books, which will allow students to come that much closer to being eligible to vote in 2014!
Students who plan to join the club must turn in the signed permission slip as soon as possible. The club will be open to the first 50 children who return a signed permission slip. Students are welcome to bring a small snack to eat while they listen to me read- no snack will be provided!
Parents should be aware that they must arrange transportation for their own child, and be prompt in dropping off students at Building B in the back no earlier than 7:00 am and no later than 7:10 am.
Forms to sign up for the Bluebonnet Book Club will go out right before the Winter Holiday Break!

Recent Posts

We will me doing an author study on Mo Willems this year in the Elementary NYOS Library.  Did you know he started out as a comic?  Did you know he was a writer for Sesame Street and has won several Emmy's? Please check out the bulletin boards in the Administration building to find out more about this amazing author and illustrator!

Bluebonnet Book Club 2015

What we will be reading in Bluebonnet Book Club this year:

Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List 2015-2016


Auxier, Jonathan. 2014. The Night Gardener. New York: Abrams / Amulet Books. Hardcover: 9781419711442, Paperback: 9781419715310, eBook: 9781613126608.

Brown, Don. 2013. The Great American Dust Bowl. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Hardcover: 9780547815503, eBook: 9780544307995.

Bryant, Jen. 2014. The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus. Illustrated by Melissa Sweet. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. Hardcover: 9780802853851.

Cammuso, Frank. 2013. The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Book One: Spelling Trouble. New York: Abrams / Amulet Books. Hardcover: 9781419708039, Paperback: 9781419708046

Cavanaugh, Nancy J. 2014. Always, Abigail. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. Hardcover: 9781402293030, eBook: 9781402293047, eBook: 9781402293054

Daly, Cathleen. 2014. Emily’s Blue Period. Illustrated by Lisa Brown. New York: Roaring Brook Press / Macmillan. Hardcover: 9781596434691.

de los Santos, Marisa and David Teague. 2014. Saving Lucas Biggs. New York: HarperCollins Children’s Books. Hardcover: 9780062274625, Paperback: 9780062274632, Audio CD: 9781483003634. Eddleman, Peggy. 2013. Sky Jumpers. New York: Random House BFYR. Hardcover: 9780307981271, Hardcover lib bdg: 9780307981288, Trade Paperback: 9780307981301, eBook: 9780307981295.

Egan, Kate; with Magician Mike Lane. 2014. The Vanishing Coin. Illustrated by Eric Wight. New York: Feiwel and Friends Book / Macmillan. Hardcover: 9781250029140, Paperback: 9781250040435, eBook: 9781250058874.

Ehlert, Lois. 2014. The Scraps Book: Notes from a Colorful Life. New York: Beach Lane Books / Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division. Hardcover: 9781442435711, eBook: 9781442435728.

Engle, Margarita. 2013. Mountain Dog. Illustrated by Olga and Aleksey Ivanov. New York: Henry Holt and Company / Macmillan. Hardcover: 9780805095166, Paperback: 9781250044242, eBook: 9780805098938.

Gandhi, Arun and Bethany Hegedus. 2014. Grandfather Gandhi. Illustrated by Evan Turk. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division. Hardcover: 9781442423657, eBook: 9781442450820.

Healy, Christopher. 2012. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. New York: Walden Pond Press / HarperCollins Publishers. Hardcover: 9780062117434, Paperback: 9780062117458, eBook: 9780062117441.

Hill, Laban Carrick. 2013. When the Beat Was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop. Illustrated by Theodore Taylor III. New York: Roaring Brook Press / Macmillan. Hardcover: 9781596435407.

Philbrick, Rodman. 2014. Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina. New York: The Blue Sky Press / Scholastic. Hardcover: 9780545342384, Audiobook: 9780545660914, eBook: 9780545633475.

Schanen, Adriana Brad. 2014. Quinny & Hopper. Illustrated by Greg Swearingen. New York: Disney-Hyperion. Hardcover: 9781423178293.

Searles, Rachel. 2014. The Lost Planet. New York: Feiwel and Friends Book / Macmillan. Hardcover: 9781250038791, Paperback: 9781250056887, eBook: 9781466856950.

Singer, Marilyn. 2013. Rutherford B., Who Was He?: Poems About Our Presidents. Illustrated by John Hendrix. New York: Disney-Hyperion. Hardcover: 9781423171003.

Tonatiuh, Duncan. 2014. Separate Is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez & Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation. New York: Abrams / Abrams Books for Young Readers.

Hardcover: 9781419710544, Audio: 9781629238562. Turnage, Sheila. 2014. The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing. New York: Kathy Dawson Books / Penguin Group. Hardcover: 9780803736719, eBook: 9781101593868.

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